Shade cloth or shade sail: cheap alternative sun shade

A shade cloth or shade can be installed in the garden or on the facade to keep the direct sun from your house or garden. This captures part of the heat, making it less warm in the house in the summer and allowing you to sit in the shade in your garden. A shade cloth or sun shade can be attached in various ways and can then easily be stored again. You can buy these canvases or sails from a price of around € 35 for a simple copy.

Use shade cloth or shade sail

  • House and garden heat up in the summer
  • Keep away heat with a shade cloth or shade sail
  • Terrace screen
  • Prices and availability

House and garden heat up in the summer

In the Netherlands, too, the temperature can rise high in the summer, especially when we are confronted with a heat wave. It is mainly the power of the sun that causes it to warm up rapidly inside the house and outside in the garden to a temperature that we no longer consider pleasant. The feeling temperature can therefore be a lot higher than the temperature indicated on the weather forecast or in the weather app. If you have a house with thick stone walls, you can often keep the heat out fairly well, but a house made of wood or with large windows and a flat roof will absorb the heat quickly and this will often linger for a long time. The only way to get enough cool in the evening to get some sleep is to use an air conditioner or air conditioner. There are also fairly quiet fans with which you can sleep well. It is then the air displacement that gives some cooling because the temperature does not drop. The use of heat and sun protection window film is another possibility to keep some of the sun's heat out.

Keep away heat with a shade cloth or shade sail

Many houses in the Netherlands are equipped with a sunshade that can be lowered mechanically or not. The screen then catches the sun's rays, as it were, so that they do not burn directly on the house and on the terrace. This can quickly save several degrees in temperature. When the house has less direct sun load during the day, you will also notice that it is a lot less warm in the house after sunset. It also offers you the opportunity to sit sheltered from the sun in your garden or on your balcony. However, if you do not have a sunscreen, the purchase and installation of a new sunscreen is a considerable investment. You spend hundreds of euros on this and that is an investment that not everyone can or wants to make, certainly not if you only use it a few days a year. In that case is a shade cloth or shade sail a much cheaper but no less effective alternative.
A shade cloth or shade sail is a cloth or sail that can be set up at a location of your choice with a few fastening points. Shade cloths and shade sails come in various shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are square, rectangular and triangular. For example, a canvas or tarpaulin can be mounted with one or two fixing points in the ground and one or two to the house or a shed. Depending on the way you want to attach the canvas or sail, you can choose different mounting sets. You can choose among other things from a tension cable with carabiner, a point attachment, turn-fix attachment, screw anchor, ground anchor, telescopic boom or foot stand. It is a matter of looking at what fits best in your situation. After use, the tarpaulin or canvas can easily be loosened and stored away again.

Terrace screen

A shade cloth or shade sail is different from a patio screen. A patio screen is often a rectangular frame within which a canvas is stretched and what you can put down so ready. So you no longer have to tension the fabric yourself. Such a screen can be put down instead of tense.

Prices and availability

You can buy a shade cloth or shade sail at a hardware store such as Hornbach or Karwei or simply online through a webshop such as or Wehkamp. Many have a very wide range where you can choose from different sizes, materials, mounting forms and colors. It is important that the fabric is permeable to wind to prevent it from catching so much wind that the attachment points are torn loose and cause damage. However, you can often choose between a water-permeable or a water-resistant cloth. Some cloths are also dirt-resistant.
If you choose to purchase a shade cloth or shade sail, the prices often start around Ђ 35 for a cheap copy. Depending on the size, the method of attachment and the material you choose, this can amount to more than € 200 (prices were last checked in July 2019). The cheaper shade cloths and shade sails are usually made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) while the more expensive ones are made of polyester.

Video: How to Put Up a Shade Sail. Mitre 10 Easy As (April 2020).

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