Drone: Jamara X-Hornet, a very fast quadrocopter

The X-Hornet drone from the Jamara brand is a very robust drone and according to the manufacturer suitable for children from 12 years. The drone is of the quadcopter or quadrocopter type, due to the propulsion by means of four propellers. Novice pilots can fly in the beginner's position. Here you get a lot of support while flying and there is less chance that you will fly against objects. The X-Hornet has in 2015 a suggested retail price of 60 euros and is for sale in (online) stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. What are the specifications of the X-Hornet from Jamara? Is parental supervision desirable if the quadrocopter is flown by children?


Jamara is one of the few larger model builders who can still proudly call themselves a family business. In 2015 four of the seven management members came from the same family. In 1973, the Natterer brothers founded a model building company in their parents' house in Leutkirch, Germany. After nearly sixteen years, Jamara moves into a large building in Altmannshofen, Germany. After four years of explosive growth, a special building is being built in Aichstetten, where the company still has its headquarters in 2015. The subsidiary Jamara Toys was founded in 2000. This brand also includes revolutionary quadcopters, helicopters, hexacopters and drones. In 2013, the family, along with hundreds of employees worldwide, celebrated Jamara's thirtieth anniversary.

The Jamara X-Hornet

The X-Hornet falls under the series that also includes the Jamara X-Flash. These drones are very similar at first sight. The biggest difference is in the format of the quadrocopter. The X-Hornet is a lot shorter and therefore a lot more compact and slightly more suitable to fly in compared to the Flash quadrocopter. The X-Hornet is sold under the names Jamara Hornet, Jamera X series and Jamara X-Hornet turbo quadrocopter. If you activate the turbo setting on the supplied controller, you can fly up to 40 kilometers per hour with the device. The X-Hornet can also be flown in two other positions: beginner and expert. In the first fashion, ideal for inexperienced people and children from 12 years old, you get a lot of support while flying, but fewer stunts can be performed. In the second position you get a lot more freedom as a kite. If you have purchased the X-Hornet, it will be delivered fully RTF (Ready-To-Fly). So you don't have to put anything together yourself. The quadrocopter is powered by four propellers and has a sturdy housing. Handy if you are flying against objects while flying. This drone is not equipped with a camera.

Key specifications

According to the official Jamara website, the main features of the X-Hornet are as follows:
  • Brand: Jamara
  • Fashion model: X-Flash - Drone
  • Type: drone, quadrocopter, quadcopter
  • Dimensions: (lxwxh)
  • Stunts: flip, 360 degree turn, somersault and spin
  • Recommended retail price 2015: 60 euros
  • Control: controller
  • Flight modes: beginner, professional and stunt (flip)
  • Lighting: LED
  • Max speed: up to 40 kilometers per hour

See the X-Hornet fly

Before you decide to buy this stuntdrone without a camera, it is useful to first read a number of reviews and watch videos. This way you can see what the experts think of the drone and what a flight with the X-Hornet actually looks like. A number of videos on the YouTube video website:
  • Unpacking the drone and specifications: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_9hiPjrW8w
  • A flight inside and a flight outside: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTxeQHhIthQ
  • Specifications, outdoor flight, stunts and controls: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XDPqskkYrU
  • A German review about the yellow X-Hornet drone: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBTnyJ6W5Cs

Parental supervision

According to the manufacturer Jamara, the drone is suitable for children from 12 years. Younger children quickly lose control of the very fast drone and can swallow the small parts of the compact X-Hornet. Some websites sell the X-Hornet with advice age from 6 or 7 years. This is strongly discouraged by Jamara, because the quadcopter can reach speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour. Even if children of 12 years and older fly the drone, it is advisable to always stay there as a parent or educator. Parental control is therefore very desirable when flying drones.

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