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We Dutch like to start our day with a cup of coffee or tea. When we are on vacation, we are happy to continue this 'tradition'. Also in Rome there is ample choice to have your familiar cup of coffee in the morning. It is for good reason that coffee plays a prominent role in Italy. There are many types of coffee, each with its own name. When visiting Rome, don't miss a cup of real Italian espresso. But how will you order that?


Italians often drink very strong coffee with lots of milk at home with their breakfast, the so-called caffelatte. If you want to drink a cup of coffee outside the door, you enter a bar (not a café) and order one espresso. When you are served a real cup of Italian espresso for the first time, you will find that this espresso gives you a real boost of caffeine. There is indeed a difference between Italian espresso and the 'extra strong cup' that we often call espresso here in the Netherlands. If you do not trust such a strong cup, simply order one caffe.
There are many different types of espresso. Such is one caffe macchiato an espresso with just a few drops of warm milk through it for a slightly milder taste. This variant also exists in a version with cold milk, namely the caffe macchiato freddo. If you do not like very strong coffee, you can opt for the caffe lungo. But if you just need a caffeine boost, you need the caffe ristretto to have. In some bars you can even choose whether you want that coffee in a cup or in a glass. When the coffee is poured into a glass, this is called caffe al vetro. If you want to order a caffeine-free coffee variant, then ask for decaffeinato.


The cappuccino is not yet included in all these coffee varieties. Many Dutch people like to drink a cup of cappuccino after dinner. This is something an Italian would never do. Cappuccino should be drunk just in the morning. Even when you want to order a cappuccino, you have a wide choice. A cappuccino without milk is called senza schiuma. A cup with a lot of whipped milk is one chiaro. If you prefer a slightly stronger cappuccino, so with less milk, you can have one oscuro to order. Of course there is also a caffeine-free variant.
If you are not that brave when it comes to trying coffee, it might be wise to stick with a coffee variety that most closely resembles our quick filter grind from the supermarket. Then order one caffe americano, this is usually Nescafe.

Prendiamo un caffe?

If you walk through Rome and you feel like sitting down for a cup of coffee, you will often be disappointed. There are few cafes where you can sit. There are, however, a few, namely on the Piazza della Rotonda. You can also sit on the terrace in Piazza Navona, but this is certainly very touristy in high season. If you walk a few blocks from Piazza Navona, you will find the quieter places to sit.

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