Insuring valuables: valuables insurance 2019

In 2019, your valuables are often insured up to a certain maximum amount with a household insurance. The value of your jewelry, gold, jewelry and, for example, audio and video equipment, may quickly exceed this insured value over time. Have your insurance recalculated without obligation and see if it is wise to take out extra valuables insurance. Ensure that your valuables and furniture are always properly insured.

Insure the valuables against damage

Property insurance 2019, the insurance of your valuables and jewelry

If you have valuables, such as paintings, jewelery, audio or video equipment, it can certainly be worthwhile to supplement your Property Insurance with a valuables insurance. This insurance is in fact tailor-made and has ample coverage. The valuables insurance is not only a supplement to the household insurance, but will also have to be taken out with the household insurance provider.

Exclusions in a valuables insurance

The valuables insurance is often generous in paying out damage, but there are clearly also a number of exclusions with the insurance. Excluded is damage caused by force majeure such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the like. Things that are very exceptional in the Netherlands. Moreover, any damage is excluded that has been caused by cleaning, repair or other processing of the valuables. It is important that you try to prevent damage by taking appropriate safety measures. You don't have to blame anything. For example, do not leave a window open and the like.

The valuables insurance is a customized insurance policy

The valuables insurance is a customized insurance policy. Jewelry is valued in advance by an expert, so that you know in advance what the payment will be in the event of a disaster. The purchase invoice is used for the interim purchase of new jewelry. Depending on the provider, the valuation must be repeated every three years. Your valuables are stipulated on the policy.

Insure audio and video in 2019

For audio and video equipment, the insured amount is determined on the basis of the purchase invoice or a statement from the trader. How much of the value of the audio and video equipment is paid depends on the insurance provider and the insurance clauses. In the first year it will usually be the new value, but after that you will soon arrive at a daily value. The same method applies to matters such as musical instruments and photo and film equipment. An exception can be a particularly expensive violin that, just like the jewels, will be valued on the basis of a valuation. The advantage of the appraisal is that taxpayers can often not do anything about the benefit.

Wait until the damage has been determined to replace your belongings

If goods are stolen, they can reappear later. That is why the insurer will only pay out if you have waived the right of ownership. If it is found well and you want it back, you will have to give back the amount paid. Some insurers even require the property to be taken back. In that case, it is therefore unwise to replace early and therefore prematurely.

Key lock

A good tip is to photograph and mark your valuables with zip code, house number and name. There are special markers for this on the market. Marked and photographed goods are in fact much easier to trace by the police and traded in the event of theft.

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