Beauty: Why exfoliate?

We do know 'dead skin cells' as an expression, everyone carries them with us and we are actually not waiting for them. On closer inspection, it may be a bit more nuanced, because dead skin cells indicate that your skin is alive. The new skin cells are created and the old ones are shed in the form of dead skin cells. They often look like small flakes. Why would you exfoliate (or exfoliate which is another method)? And if you lend a hand to nature in this way, how do you do that?

What is exfoliation?

The skin constantly creates new cells, so the process of dead skin cells is also a naturally on going process. The new cells form deep within the skin and slowly come up, which causes the old skin cells to die slowly. They lie on the skin for a while and let go at some point. Only the latter process does not always go smoothly, especially when you get older, this process is slower. There are solutions for and therefore for this process everywhere. Exfoliating is a way to give nature a helping hand.

Remove the dead skin cells

You stimulate the dead skin cells (by letting them go), for example by processing the skin with a scrub (you then rub the skin with a 'rough' grain cream) and thus take the dead skin cells with you as it were with the water where you rinses the scrub. A milder way of acting than exfoliating is exfoliating, also called peeling. The exfoliation is further deepened.

Apply exfoliation

Exfoliate or peel is a liquid with mostly fruit acids on the skin and then massage in peace (in small circles on the skin "turn" with the fingertips). Because of these fruit acids and the movement with which you apply the substance to the skin, you actually loosen the dead skin cells. Although it is also the removal of dead skin cells, it generally works milder than with a scrub. A scrub can be too rough and the skin is then slightly damaged. Moreover, peeling also has a layer deeper in the skin.
There are AHA and BHA exfoliants, where the AHA products usually contain glycolic acid or lactic acid and work well for normal to dry skin and if your skin is slightly overhauled by the sun. Products with BHA contain salicylic acid and penetrate the pores. These pores are cleaned in this way and then repair. Certainly for oily skin with blackheads and acne, this product is usually recommended.
Since aging skin has a little more difficulty releasing dead skin cells than young skin, it is only good to exfoliate with some regularity (but not too much and tune frequency with the professional). The only thing you always have to look out for with fruit acids is the sun. The skin becomes slightly more sensitive to the sun if you regularly use these fruit acids. There are different brands that carry such a product. Some examples: Clinique, Clarins and Paula's Choice.


It is not wrong to be alert if you regularly exfoliate. If you apply it in high frequency, you more or less stimulate the inflammatory mechanism in the skin. You remove a barrier, as it were, and this can lead to accelerated aging. So pay close attention and be alert for some skin related issues, such as:
  • dehydrated skin
  • (very) dry spots on the skin
  • tense skin
  • hypersensitivity on the skin
  • itching and red spots on the skin
  • skin irritation generally

There are soothing products to calm the skin, but it is better if you have something similar, consult the professional. If you already have doubts about which products to use, leave the entire treatment to the beautician anyway. He / she can better oversee what the skin can have and what not, how to treat it and, if necessary, how to repair the skin. However, prevention is also better than recovery.


Is exfoliation a panacea? No, it is a product that can be used in line with other skin products to have a smooth, smooth and especially healthy looking skin. However, do not use it inappropriately. Also use these skin products carefully and coordinate the right product and the frequency with the professional.

Video: My Go-To Skin Exfoliation Techniques. Susan Yara (February 2020).

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