Nail polish Nicole by O.P.I

True nail polish lovers know the O.P.I. brand. well, but O.P.I. also has another series of nail polishes, this one is called Nicole by O.P.I. The jars are a lot smaller, but they are also cheaper. Unfortunately they are not yet available in the Netherlands, but are already enjoying these beautiful nail polishes.


O.P.I. is one of Hollywood's best known nail polish brands, many stars wear these polishes. They not only have a very wide collection which is expanded every season, but they are also always the first to have the latest nail polish trends. They were the first to sell crackle nail polish. O.P.I. was once started in 1981 and mainly active in the professional nail studios in America. Here too in the Netherlands, O.P.I. known in nail studios. You can also buy the polishes at the Sephora, DA and MOOI. They are very pricey so it is cheaper to order them from abroad. This was previously possible at, but nowadays they have their O.P.I. nail polish collection moved to

Nicole by O.P.I.

O.P.I. has a second collection in addition to their own collections, this is called Nicole by O.P.I. and contains beautiful colors. The pots are a lot smaller than those of O.P.I. and unfortunately these varnishes are not yet available in the Netherlands. They are cheaper than the normal O.P.I. varnishes. The brush is also very handy, this is the so-called 'perfect stroke brush' a small and thick brush with which you can paint your nails perfectly.

Nicole by O.P.I. is very popular with young girls, this is partly because Justin Bieber has a collection of nail polish. A lot of girls who are fans of Justin find these polishes a must-have, not only because of him, but also because they are so much fun and cheaper than the normal O.P.I. varnishes.
The Kardashians, known from Keeping up with the Kardashians, have also put a very nice collection on the market with lots of dark shades, red and glitter lacquers.

Nicole's collection also includes O.P.I. a nice golden crackle nail polish.

Nicole by O.P.I. also has an app for the smartphone. With this app you can test any color of nail polish on your nails. You see a hand and you can determine the skin color of that hand, so you choose your skin color and then the polish that you would like to test. Then you immediately see if that color looks good on your hands. Very handy and fun!
As mentioned earlier, these varnishes are not yet available in the Netherlands, which is a great pity. But who knows, maybe they will come to the Netherlands soon or can be ordered via a website.

Video: Slash My Stash. Nail Polish Destash Pt. 12. Nicole by OPI (February 2020).

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