Against skin aging: tomato puree

Anti-wrinkle creams and anti-aging agents always appear on the market. The one anti-aging agent appears to be even more innovative. It is nice to postpone the aging of the skin as much as possible and to delay it and to limit wrinkles. Not everyone has the budget to spend money on the resources that are available and to buy the creams that you come across in advertising commercials. A skin boost and a natural remedy for wrinkles does not have to cost much!

Tomato puree: a very effective means against skin aging

Recently research has been done on the effects of tomato paste on the skin and wrinkles. Do you then have tomato puree on you skin smear like a mask? No, in the study, test subjects ate 5 tablespoons of puree per day, and after the test period, those who ate the 5 tablespoons per day turned out to be a brighter skin to have and wrinkles goods reduced.

The test persons: better skin

The group of test subjects are divided into two groups: one group ate 5 tablespoons of tomato puree daily, the other group ate tablespoons with a mix of olive oil and puree. The effects on the skin of the first group were better. About 5 years ago a similar test was done on old women. There the results were similar: skin improvement by eating tomato puree.

The tomato, full of antioxidants

The tomato is the only vegetable in which the antioxidants well preserved, in whatever form the tomato eventually appears. A solution for the skin, or rather: for your wrinkles! So whether you now tomato ketchup eat or tomato paste. The antioxidants remain in the same amount. Of course puree is a very concentrated form of tomato, so you eat quite a bit antioxidants by eating 5 tablespoons per day.

Which anti-oxidant is involved?

A tomato seems a fair amount lycopene to contain. Lycopene is an important one antioxidant. Oxidants influence the skin and cause aging. You can think of this skin aging - wrinkles - through sunlight, smoking, poor nutrition, stress. (free radicals). Anti-oxidants protect the skin so against these influences and cause less wrinkle formation. The main cause for this skin aging and wrinkling is sunlight. And then it's not just about sunlight that your skin is exposed to by sunbathing in the summer, but your skin obsolete also due to normal sunlight in winter. Lycopene specifically protects against the aging caused by the sun.

Other benefits

The research also showed that eating tomato puree leads to a decrease cholesterol levels, and a reduced chance of prostate cancer.

Eat tomato puree, but beware!

Salt is also added to cans of tomato puree. So when you get one high bloodpressure have or tends to one high bloodpressure because this is in the family, you have to pay attention to this. Eating tomato puree is not dirty in itself, you can wash away a bite with water. Or you can drink it as tomato juice, diluted with water. You will find that this is also the nice appetite curbs, so you automatically eat less snacks.

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