Lose weight with the soup diet

The soup diet is a diet that guarantees a lot of weight loss in a short period. With the soup diet, the pounds will disappear in no time. Your body will also be partially cleansed of toxins due to the high moisture content that you ingest.

The soup diet

For soup lovers, the soup diet is of course a great way to get rid of the excess fat. Soup consists for a very large part of water. This means that soups are generally low in calories. In addition to the fact that soup contains few calories, soup gives you a full feeling. Such a large bowl of soup simply goes into your stomach. A feeling of fullness helps you not to go the wrong way and, for example, to grab a candy. The soup diet only works if you follow the rules. In addition, there are many different soups, so why sweets when you can switch from tomato soup to chicken soup?

Yes and not allowed

The soup diet is a crash diet, which means that it is not healthy to maintain it for a longer period of time. With a crash diet you do not get all minerals, vitamins and nutrients. If you follow a crash diet for too long a term, you will understand the name "crash" diet. Maintaining the soup diet for a week is the best solution. After this you can eat normally normally again.
During the soup diet you can eat as much soup, vegetables and fruit as you want. In addition, unsweetened drinks such as water, tea and coffee are no problem. For variation in drinks, it might be smart to squeeze out a number of fruits yourself or make a single smoothie (with a minimal amount skinny milk of course). Skimmed milk may also be drunk, as long as this is done in moderation.
During the soup diet, it is important to eat about two boiled potatoes, spread over the entire week. When you are on the soup diet you only get soup, vegetables and fruit. Your body therefore has a shortage of starch. Potatoes are a source of starch, which is a big deal. By consuming two potatoes during the diet, you still get a small amount of starch.

Strictly prohibited

Consuming alcohol is strictly forbidden during your diet. Your body cannot handle this during a crash diet. Avoid alcoholic drinks at all times. Also make sure that you wait around 36 hours before consuming alcohol after the soup diet. In addition to alcohol, it is not a good plan to consume bread and carbonated drinks. This will drastically reduce the result in kilos.

Advantages and disadvantages of the soup diet


  • If the diet is followed correctly you will lose around 3 - 7 pounds.
  • The feeling of satisfaction afterwards.
  • Cheap and easy to follow diet because you constantly eat the same.
  • Handy diet if you want to lose a few kilos within a short period of time.
  • Due to the large amount of moisture, toxic substances are removed. Just like the fruit diet, it cleanses your body.


  • The soup diet can affect your intestines during the diet. Thin stools can occur. A bowl of muesli can prevent this.
  • The diet is very monotonous, for some people it becomes difficult to maintain the diet.
  • After losing weight, the pounds can be added quickly. Be warned.
  • A chance for a weak feeling after a few days

The 7 days, what is allowed?

Day 1:

Fruit (no bananas, avocados or grapes) and soup, how much you want! Vegetables may also be consumed.

Day 2:

All vegetables, fruit (no bananas, avocados or grapes) and soup until you are full. One boiled potato for the missed starch from day 1.

Day 3:

All vegetables, fruit (no bananas, avocados or grapes) and soup until you are full.

Day 4:

Only soup and bananas (maximum eight). Skimmed milk is also allowed, also drink as much water as possible.

Day 5:

If you make your own soup, add about 300-400 grams of chicken, beef or fish. Otherwise, eat this separately. Drink plenty of water and eat at least two bowls of soup.

Day 6:

As much beef, vegetables and soup as you want!

Day 7:

In addition to all vegetables, fruit (no bananas, avocados or grapes) and soup, you can prepare brown rice.

Video: Does the Soup Diet Work? UCLA Center for Human Nutrition (February 2020).

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