Wheelchairs, which are available for purchase

Wheelchairs have been used for centuries as an aid to mobility. They used to be wooden chairs on a shelf with wheels. Nowadays there are a huge number of species available, depending on the desired use or the necessity of the disability. There is a choice from standard simple wheelchairs to contemporary and comfortable models.

Piece of history.

The wheelchair was designed in 1588 for Philip II of Spain. This was a bulky and heavy entirely of wood made wheelchair. Later they became lighter because there reeds was processed in the chair. However, this did not function as desired and it took until 1919 before a good alternative was devised. An engineer, who broke his back in the mines, developed a lightweight foldable specimen together with a friend. This was the start for their wheelchairs business and a few decades later they even had the scoop with an electric wheelchair.
There are so many types and models today buy, too rent or in loan, it's hard to choose. However, it remains important to make the right choice, adapted to the nature of the disability.

Types of wheelchairs.

The wheelchairs can be broadly classified into the following categories:
  • wheelchairs that pushed should be
  • wheelchairs that manual can be moved yourself
  • electric wheelchairs
  • rollators with a kind of wheelchair function

Wheelchairs that must be pushed.

With this type of wheelchair, the person sitting in it can not independently move forward and depends on someone else to travel. This type is equipped with small wheels and is suitable for in the home or for a visit where people cannot go with a large wheelchair.
This wheelchair is available in a fixed and foldable version. Of course, the comfort of the used seat cushions is important.

Wheelchairs that can be moved by hand.

With so-called manual wheelchairs, which can be operated via rings on the large wheels, there is also a choice of a fixed frame and a foldable frame. If there is the option to change the seat itself to move on, this is naturally the most pleasant. Of course always in consultation with your doctor or specialist.
The folding wheelchair is usually a bit smaller, but heavier and more parts can always vibrate. With this type, it is therefore advisable to have the seat checked regularly.
The big advantage, of course, is the ease of taking the car, bus or train.

Electric wheelchairs.

Most electric wheelchairs are operated by means of a so-called joystick control. A small business that can be operated by hand. Although various other controls are also possible, the joystick control is the most common.
As long as it is possible, the manual wheelchair is of course preferred. But if this is no longer possible, the electric wheelchair is a good alternative for people with reduced muscle strength.

Rollators with a kind of wheelchair function.

Fortunately, developments are not standing still in the field of wheelchairs and rollators. There is a walker on the market that can also be used as a wheelchair for short distances. Not comparable with a proper wheelchair, but can provide its convenience indoors or for short journeys.

A number of points for attention with regard to the purchase of wheelchairs.

  • Always purchase a wheelchair in consultation with your doctor or specialist.
  • Ask your municipality or healthcare indicator whether you can get one for free or borrow one.
  • Test a wheelchair to be purchased well. Sitting posture, support and flexibility are of course very important.
  • Many seats can be adjusted to your personal situation. Consult with your supplier about the options and indicate your personal preferences.
  • Note the size of the turning circle if you spend a lot of time indoors.
  • If you are going to "roll" yourself, pay attention to a comfortable seat height and the angle at which the cushions are positioned.
  • Just as with bicycles, different types of tires are possible, even for driving in snow or rough terrain.
  • What you may not have thought of: there are wheelchairs with an "get up" function.

In short, first inform well about the possibilities at various suppliers and care providers. Then you know in any case what is for sale, rent or whether or not temporarily on loan. Do not rush to purchase and see if it is possible to try out a model on a trial basis.
If you are interested in a walking stick or a walker, articles have been written about that.

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