Buy air conditioning: what should you look out for?

In the summer it can be extremely hot in houses and offices. The walls are also getting warmer, especially after a few weeks of sunshine. This heat is then passed on to the spaces in which you live / work and for that reason more and more individuals and companies are choosing to buy a cheap air-conditioning system that provides some cooling so that the atmosphere remains pleasant and cool.

How does an air conditioner work?

An air conditioner is a device that sucks in air, then cools it and blows out the air again. Unlike a fan, an air conditioner offers real cooling because a fan only displaces the air and does not cool. The air that is cooled in an air conditioner is done by means of a coolant that is built into the air conditioner. You have air conditioners that can be mounted permanently and air conditioners that you can install separately, the so-called mobile air conditioner. The air conditioners that can be mounted permanently are usually purchased by companies, a solution that requires an investment once and does not have to be looked at.

Buy cheap air conditioning

If you really want to buy a cheap air conditioner, it's best to wait until after the summer. Stores that sell the air conditioners want to get rid of their stock and in the winter they will of course not sell much. The consequence of this is: price dumping. If you are going to buy an air conditioner before or during the summer, pay attention to offers.

Buy used air conditioning

When buying a second-hand air conditioner, it is smart to ensure that it does not rattle and whether it still works properly before you purchase it. When you buy a second-hand air conditioner, you are always cheaper when you buy an air conditioner from a store and you can also negotiate the price.

Pay attention to specifications with an air conditioner

When buying an air conditioner it is good to not only compare the price but also the mutual specifications such as:
  • The cooling capacity
  • Noise level
  • Split system

Cooling capacity of an air conditioner

The cooling capacity is important to know for the number of cubic meters you want to cool. There are several websites on the internet where you can calculate this by entering the height, width and depth, resulting in the cooling capacity that you need. To calculate the cooling capacity as accurately as possible, the following must be taken into account:
  • The space in which the air conditioning is installed. For example, an attic naturally needs more cooling than, for example, a cellar or shed.
  • The number of people present in the relevant room (around 175 to 600 watts per person per hour).
  • The location of the space. For example, is the room on the sun side in the morning or afternoon?
  • The windows in the room, is it reflective, double or single glass?
  • Is there a sunshade near the room?
  • What are the colors on the outside of the room? Is this white or black? Black attracts heat.

The noise level of an air conditioner

A silent air conditioner is very pleasant, so always pay attention to the specifications, especially with a split system, so that no complaints come from the neighbors. The noise level is expressed in dB (Decibel).

Is there a split system on the air conditioning?

If there is a split system with the air conditioner, it must be installed by an authorized installer at all times. This is not only for safety reasons but also required by law. The coolant that is used can have a negative influence on the greenhouse effect. A split system is an air conditioner in which one half is mounted inside and the other half on the outside of the room.

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