Fighting an autumn dip with natural resources

The leaves are falling from the trees, it is getting colder, the days are getting a lot shorter and most people suffer from it: the fall or fall dip. Nostalgia, depressed, no desire to go outside, no desire to do anything else. Grabbing pills is not really a solution. Lazy in the seat or in your bed either. It often goes from bad to worse. It is better to do something about that fall dip naturally. Enjoying small things, eating lots of autumn fruits and vegetables, doing sports, starting a new hobby, finally making that dream come true and most of all ... coming out a lot!

Autumn in the country!

On the 21st of September it is that time again, at least on the calendar: autumn is back in the country! However, this is not the only date that counts. Nature sometimes decides otherwise. Sometimes it is inclement weather at the beginning of September and the leaves have already fallen from the trees. Sometimes we have to wait until November before the trees get their beautiful colors and then lose weight. But anyway, the cold and dark period is approaching again.

Fall or fall dip

Many people don't like autumn. No more sitting outside on the terrace, done with the barbecue parties, done with the late evenings among friends. Around seven or eight o'clock it is dark and everyone flees inside, behind their own television set. Away fun! Ideally, you would change into a bear, crawl into your burrow and only reappear when spring is approaching. Unfortunately we humans cannot do this and we have to drag ourselves through autumn and winter. Or not, because even in the fall there are nice and cozy sides. If you can enjoy this, you will see that you don't have to be depressed at all!

Fight autumn dip naturally

To enjoy

First and foremost, it is important not to get into your shell and enjoy yourself to the full. Enjoy the fall? Yes of course. Enjoy the beautiful colors, enjoy the autumn scents, enjoy the beautiful natural scenes. Fog and mist, cobwebs with dew drops, beautiful sunsets, mushrooms. You can even enjoy the sound of raindrops against the windows. Admittedly, that should not take weeks straight. Enjoy that everything is allowed to go slower, that you can cozy up with a blanket on the sofa with a good book or a nice movie.

Read a good book

Do you also have such a pile of unread books, some of which are even packed? It is now or never! When it is cold outside or when the rain gushes against the windows, it is the ideal time to crawl on the couch with a blanket and that beautiful book you have ever bought. Take a few hours to read through. Forget everything and everyone around you and let yourself be carried away by the story. Great! You can read Dutch books or you can read a book in a foreign language. This way you learn something from it too!
Eating autumn fruits and vegetables
It is generally known that it is healthier to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Summer fruits and vegetables are usually pale, imported and without taste in the fall. Many vitamins are also no longer in it. So switch over to the healthy fruits and vegetables that fall produces. Think of quinces, mandarins, clementines, blackberries, nuts, grapes, kaki's, chestnuts, pears and apples. Admittedly, the range is certainly smaller than in the summer, but no less tasty. In terms of vegetables you now have lots of cabbages, tasty carrots, mushrooms, pumpkins, beets and turnips. All packed with vitamins to get through the winter in a healthy way!

Clean up and flea market

Now that it is getting colder, you are more inside. Take the opportunity to clean up a lot. Room per room, cupboard per cupboard. What you no longer use or what you no longer need, you can try to sell at a flea market or via the internet. That's how it works. Also consider the photos that are lying around everywhere. Put yourself at the table for a few evenings and make a beautiful photo album. Enjoy the memories.

Pick out clothes

Summer is over, summer clothing can be returned to the attic or in boxes. Take out the winter clothes and see what is still usable. What can you combine with what. After six months you have long forgotten what you had. You will be happy to find that comfortable sweater and those beautiful pants. Do away what you definitely do not want to do anymore and make a list of what you definitely want to buy during the next shopping round. A nice prospect!

Make it cozy inside

You can also make it very cozy inside the house. We speak of the large spring cleaning, but you can also continue with the coarse brush in the fall. Clean everything, vacuum up all cobwebs, clean up the dust everywhere. Store the summer things clean and bring out the autumn things. Some extra pillows, a blanket on the seat, a few candles here and there, atmospheric lights on the tables. You can also buy beautiful curtains to make it nice and cozy inside. It is now also the ideal moment for larger indoor works. A coat of paint on the walls and your room will get a whole new look.

Prepare for the coming holidays

Autumn is also the season of many holidays. Halloween with its typical colors and attributes. Find all the orange, purple and black together, dig up ghosts, spiders and creeps from the basement or attic. A warm welcome again after a year. Sinterklaas is more of a children's party in Belgium, adults in the Netherlands also enjoy it a lot. Time to start thinking about the surprise and buying the right gifts. Christmas is still far away and actually belongs to the winter. Yet you can already start the preparations. Whoever makes Christmas cards himself, never starts early enough. Gifts can also be bought at your leisure and perhaps cheaper. Shop a few afternoons and you avoid the end of the year crowds.

Start a new hobby

Now that you have to spend a lot of time indoors, you might be able to start a new hobby. It gets you from behind your computer or television screen, sometimes makes you go outside and lets you meet new people. Think of dancing, a new sport, creative crafts or knitting, making Christmas cards, photography, learning a new language, a cooking or wine course, etc. Plenty of choice!


Always dreamed of writing a book? Autumn and winter months are perfect for this. Long evenings, cold outside, warm and cozy inside. Okay, let the brainwashes come. Who knows, there may be a real author in you. No courage to write big books or long stories? Try to write articles. Why not for InfoNu? Look up information and photos about what has always fascinated you and share it with other people. A fun and creative pastime! Attention: writing is addictive!

Search the sun

"Look for the sun" does not mean that you should book a trip to Ibiza immediately. No, just look up the sun in your own home or office. Pull up the shutters and let in the last rays of the sun. Find the sunniest room in your house, or the sunniest place in the office, and install yourself as much as possible in that place. Light is very important in the fall and during the winter. So try to find the light and warmth of the sun as much as possible. Moreover, you also have less cold time and you have to turn up the heating less. Another saving for your wallet too!

Buy a light lamp

Do you also hate it when you open your eyes in the morning and everything is dark? Then buy a light lamp. When your alarm goes off, your room is slowly enveloped in natural light. When you get out of bed, it is no longer dark and you can start your day full of fresh courage.

Ventilate the house

Open windows and doors regularly. The house must also be ventilated in the autumn and winter and fresh and pure air must come in. Breathing the same, warm and polluted air is very unhealthy. It makes you lazy, dull and tired.

Take a few days vacation

When taking a holiday, most people think of summer or winter sports. Yet it can also be great to get away from it when a few nice fall days are announced. That excursion can be just over the border, but it can just as well be in your own region. Enjoy the last rays of the sun during a walk and the warmth behind the glass in the veranda. If it goes well even have a drink on a terrace or enjoy the sea breeze.
Walking, cycling, walking
Light is important in autumn and winter. And you get that light outside. So try to get out as much as possible. Take a brisk walk, ride a bike, go for a walk, leave the dog outside, go to the sea or to the forest at the weekend. Don't forget your camera! No time because you have to work? Is it dark when you leave and dark when you return home? Then take a brisk walk during your lunch break. Lots of light and it also helps against the dreaded afternoon dip.
Have you gained enough inspiration and are you overflowing with energy? Then take a moment to prepare a schedule, so that you know when you are going to do something. Do not start everything at the same time, because then you will become depressed again because you will not get everything done. And that is not really the intention. Another dip? Come and have a look for new ideas!

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