Masturbation in men and women

Masturbation is the sexual stimulation and stimulation of oneself through an active touch of one's own sexual organs. The purpose of masturbation is to achieve orgasm (cumshot). Other words for masturbation include self-gratification or solo sex.


Masturbation was a big taboo for a long time and still in some cultures. It is now known that masturbation is an important part of healthy sexual development. People who masturbate know their own body better. Moreover, within a sexual relationship they are better able to make clear what their wishes and needs are. Ultimately this will lead to a better sex life.

Masturbation in women

Masturbation in women is also called fingering. Women masturbate by stimulating the vulva with their fingers or a vibrator for example. All parts of the vulva, such as labia, vagina (opening) and clitoris are sensitive to sexual stimulation. For most women, the clitoris has the most sensitivity. Caressing the clitoris rhythmically allows the woman to come to an orgasm. Some women can also come with a vaginal orgasm. A vaginal orgasm is achieved by stimulating the vaginal wall. The g-spot is a place on the vagina wall that is extra sensitive. The g-spot lies a few centimeters deep in the vagina on the belly side. There are special vibrators to stimulate the g-spot.
Women are less visually inclined than men when it comes to sexual arousal. Sexual fantasies therefore also play a more important role while masturbating in women.
The woman will become more and more excited during self-gratification. This builds up a sexual tension that can eventually release into an orgasm. In order to achieve an orgasm, the tension must constantly be built up further. When stimulation is stopped or the woman is distracted, rebuilding has to be started again.
Use of a vibrator can enrich masturbation and facilitate orgasm. Many vibrators and dildos are striking and have the shape of a penis. These devices are also often relatively large. Many women experience this as pornographic, which often makes them feel ordinary. Such feelings hinder sexual pleasure during masturbation and make it more difficult to build up the sexual tension. This can make it difficult to have an orgasm. Moreover, many vibrators are aimed at (deep) vaginal penetration. Most women come by the stimulation of the external parts of the vulva. In particular, stimulating the clitoris and the surrounding area cause an orgasm in women. The female-friendly vibrators from Emotional Bliss do not have these limitations.
During and after the menopause, many women experience problems with insensitivity, reduced humidity (dry vagina) and reduced orgasm. Dream Cream naturally enhances sensitivity, humidity and orgasm thanks to the body's own amino acid L-arginine. Dream Cream is the first scientifically developed product for women in the field of sexual stimulation and it is still considered best by most women. Dream Cream contains no hormones or prescription medication, nor does it contain menthol, which many women experience as an unnatural and irritating feeling.

Self-satisfaction with men

Masturbation in men is also called subtraction. A man jerks off by placing one or two hands around the shaft of the penis. The skin is then opened and lowered by hand. While moving up and down the foreskin slides over the glans. Moving up and down is a strong sexual stimulus for the man, which can eventually lead to orgasm. When a man cums, this is usually accompanied by an ejaculation, about 1-4 ml of sperm then comes out with some force, the penis is ejected through the urethra.
Men are much more visually oriented than women in the sexual field. Men will get more or less excited when watching a porn movie or porn on the internet. Watching porn can be an extra incentive for men during self-satisfaction.

Masturbation within relationship

Masturbation is something personal that does not stand in the way of a normal sexual relationship. Men tend to masturbate within a relationship more often than women. The opposite is often the case with women. When one or both partners masturbate during a relationship, this says nothing about the quality of their sex lives. With some couples, masturbating even plays an active role in their sex lives. They masturbate together or watch each other while masturbating.

Why masturbate?

As stated earlier, self-satisfaction helps people to know their body and sexual needs. Masturbation is relaxing, for example, some people can sleep better after first masturbating. Masturbation can also provide relief for menstrual pain, for example.

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