Death Eater “It's supposed to be this way”

my view on We hear it regularly around us or we use it ourselves ... "it should be like this". How easy is it to answer a question with how it should be. But if you think about it carefully, you might also be wondering if that "how it should be" was conceived by someone and is that (still) relevant? Or does this killer want no further thinking about it and can you finish a possible discussion with it in a simple way? Either way, "this is how it should be" is something we like to use if we want to get rid of something or don't know the answer. You will naturally notice that when you ask questions, you will or will not come up with an explanation.

Meaning according to dictionary

We often talk about morality (not to be confused with morality) and it has more to do with the strength or courage of a person. Morale often means that things go the way they should. An example: "It is your moral obligation to help those old people." It is indicated here that it is desirable behavior to help people.

Conscious process or laziness?

There are countless examples where we use "it should be like this" as a sort of stop word. Some examples that might make you think.

Business or not own office

From a certain level, a private office is customary within a large organization. Someone does not have their own room below. If you ask for the reason, you will receive the comment that it should be, because it has been agreed or recorded from above. If you think about it, you could also make it depend on the role of the officer. For example if it meets a lot.

Why certain clothes

Fashion is everyday and many people want to meet fashion trends. Certain combinations that are made are not criticized. It is beautiful? Does it suit you as a person? Does it suit your figure? ... and just ask a few more questions in this context. We put it on unquestionably and if you ask about it, you will hear that it should be that way. After all, it is the fashion.


It is not strange to be polite, it is a decency norm. But if parents / educators let you express politeness in a certain way that you actually think is beating and you ask why it should be that way, then you often hear that it should be. Often it is inherited from one's own upbringing.

When to follow strictly?

It is a bit different when it comes to game rules, for example. "It should be like this" is justified, because if you do not agree on rules, you cannot play a game. Umbrella bodies (business / companies, sports associations, etc.) therefore adjust rules if there is reason to do so. From the collective it is possible to do this well or is necessary for an organization to function. The nuance, however, makes it human work. In an organization that can be a manager, on the football field that is the referee etc.
"My goal is not to teach the method that everyone should follow to lead their mind, but only to reveal how I have tried to lead my own mind." René Descartes

Makke lambs

Why do we need rules (that people have determined, usually from the top down), the individual will think. However, man is a herd animal and you see that, for example, when someone starts screaming in a large room. If one person starts running, the crowd goes with it. Only a few people will think about whether something is wrong, someone makes a joke or it happens by mistake.
There is no thought, but people follow and that sometimes makes people that well-known sheep. We do not want to know, but it is our nature. Only the real leaders stand out. Think for yourself what is good and what is not, determine your own rules…. and are often seen as a recalcitrant. Yet those people are needed again to let others follow. After all, a globe full of leaders would also lead to nothing.


"It should be like that" is therefore in many cases a culprit, where there is no point, reason or reason to explain to this stopper. The fact that so many people follow it so easily says something about the way people think and act. Whether it will take humanity further is a question of course.

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