Next step on the life path

For some people life is fixed, at least in the head it is completely formed. But the practice is almost always more unmanageable and our carefully planned activities can simply go down the drain or you have to adjust them at least a little. On the other hand there are people who don't plan anything and who let life come their way. With or without a study and a good background, it can either go completely wrong or the puzzle pieces will fall into place. In short, life is not predictable, but you can "work" on your steps on the life path.

The next step

For some it goes without saying and for others it is a "struggle of life", but if you want to give substance to your personal path, then you have to do something for it. We all know that, but it is not always easy.
How do life paths run? Some examples:
  • People sometimes roll in something, this can be related to work as well as private, and at that moment do not think further about whether it is what they want. As it were, it goes without saying and if they can continue to do their "thing" then it will be fine.
  • Others plan it carefully and step into something and then find out that it is not entirely complete either. Holding on to cost-at-cost is not good. We know that… and yet we do it, because we planned it that way.
  • There is also a group of people who decide to follow the passion somewhere sooner or later during life. The point is then that you can translate into a model with which you can also earn your money (at least if you do not want to design it as a hobby).

This way everyone has their own story and although humans are also a herd animal, they are unique in their kind. So every person fills in something different. That makes people interesting, but often difficult to fathom and, if desired, help.

Ask yourself the question ...

The question about your life path is not clear, but what is clear is the question of what you will do here on earth and how close you will come to yourself. At least if you don't believe in coincidence. The person who does not believe in a coincidence, believes that you come - or not often - with a reason and / or have been there and you go through a learning process. Starting from that theory, you can take yourself further by answering some life questions about yourself.

Questions in the trend of ...
  • What is your current role in life? Or ... why are you here?
  • Do you do that or are you busy with other things?
  • Do you do what you love to do? And if so, can you provide for yourself?
  • Do you ever do business against your will / principle? (where it is not about small things, but things that concern life)
  • Do you do what your heart tells you or do you live by your mind?

It can give you a better picture of how close you are to yourself (or not), but also whether you may have told yourself something or talked to it or was it inspired by third parties (for example friends or educators)? With that, by the way, not judging, because it will undoubtedly be done with the best of intentions. Still, if you don't stay close to yourself, it can mislead you. Do you comply with someone else's image, but not your own? At least what is deep inside, perhaps too deep to realize.

Sound Boards

Sounding boards with people who know you well can give you new insights or different perspectives. But what matters is that you feel senang at the thoughts that arise when you start a conversation. If it is close to you and it feels good, it will come in. That does not mean that you should or can do something with it right away, but it can make that start for the next step on your life path.


Everyone walks his / her own life path and some people continuously learn and others never actually. That also varies enormously from person to person, but if you want to move on in life - and we are talking about more than another job or a new relationship - you have to do something for that. Sometimes it is painful, sometimes it is tough and sometimes it opens your heart, but it is essential to get on your real life path and take the next step.

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