Cibophobia: fear of eating

One of the more unknown phobias is the fear of eating, we call this cibophobia. What is Cibophobia and what are you afraid of if you have this?

Cibophobia, fear of eating

When you cibophobia are you afraid of certain foods, or afraid of food in general. A phobia for food is often caused by a negative experience with food. In addition, people who have swallowing problems or people who are nearly suffocated for some reason may be afraid of eating. There are a number of foods and causes that people are afraid of. Below is a representation of the best-known fears of eating.

Fear of peanut butter

A phobia for peanut butter sounds crazy, but there is definitely a cause for it. Peanut butter can rather stick to the palate. Many children do not like this. For some people, the experience of peanut butter sticking to the palate has been traumatic because they did not get the peanut butter away and therefore had a stuffy feeling. The fear can take on such serious forms that the shop is not even able to walk past the jars of peanut butter.

Fear of getting sick

A phobia to get sick from eating often arises after someone has had one or more food poisons or stomach flu attacks. The fear is often accompanied by fear of vomiting. Many people find nausea and vomiting very unpleasant, but people may have experienced a traumatic experience from repeated vomiting. With a phobia to get sick from eating, all foods are scary. Such a phobia is very problematic, people are going to avoid eating food with all its harmful consequences.

Fear of alcohol

People who have ever had a traumatic experience related to alcohol can be afraid that there is alcohol in their food. Although it is known that it cannot contain alcohol, there is always the fear that the food contains alcohol. People who suffer from a phobia for alcohol will check the food many times before they start eating it.

Fear of poisoning

Being afraid that the food contains poison is also one of the fears that fall under Cibophobia. People would rather have someone else eat or taste first and then start eating themselves. Fear of poison in food can seriously limit a person's food intake, which can lead to harmful health effects.

Fear of foods that people are allergic to

People with a serious food allergy can build a fear of the foods they are allergic to. Sometimes an allergic reaction to food is so severe that one ends up in a hospital in critical condition or even dies. Also, after eating the food that people are allergic to, severe anxiety may occur, which may increase the fear of the food in question. The fear of certain foods can be so strong that even the smell of that food is very frightening and nauseating.

Fear of eating in general

People who are almost choked or who have problems swallowing can develop a phobia for eating themselves. People are afraid to eat solid food. Liquid food is usually tolerated. Also with this phobia the food intake is often so limited that health problems can arise.

The limitations of someone with a food phobia

Someone with a fear of food or food will be very limited in their daily routine. With a phobia for one food item it is still possible to adapt to the phobia. In the other cases, the phobia will have such an impact on daily life that people can no longer enjoy life. Help to overcome the phobia is desperately needed.

Seek help to get rid of a phobia

If you want to get rid of a phobia, you need professional help. Consult your doctor if you think you are dealing with a phobia. The doctor will refer you to a care provider specialized in phobias, such as a psychologist.

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