Taking care of yourself mentally and spiritually

How well we take care of ourselves can be explained in different ways. We are then talking about the physical form, the spiritual form and the spiritual form of 'taking care of yourself'. To answer the question, you have to look deeply into yourself. This is relatively simple for one and the relatively unexplored area for the other. Certainly in the latter case, it doesn't hurt to make that deepening and give yourself the necessary attention, so that you come to answers. How do you initiate such a process?

Being good to yourself is just like selfishness

Being good to yourself is not the same as selfishness. Or at least not when it comes to the negative side of selfishness, the side that is best known. The word egoism comes from the Latin 'ego', which means 'me'. The other side of the coin is a more "healthy" form of selfishness, where all aspects of life are in balance. A balanced life is a good basis for taking care of yourself, both physically, mentally and spiritually. Translate this into things like:
  • To be there for that other person is not to ignore yourself.
  • Guard your personal limits.
  • Live healthily and ensure that all physical forms are reviewed. Healthy food, adequate drinking, exercise, adequate sleep etc.
  • Listen with attention to your inner self, in whatever form.

Now to know how you are doing, it is good to ask yourself a number of questions and experience whether and how well you are taking care of yourself.

It is important to consciously ask questions

Doing well

Everyone always starts, and rightly so, with: "Am I doing well?" It is a correct question that you can ask yourself and it starts with the old mirror. The mirror in acting both physically and mentally. Be critical if you are not too concerned with the outside world and you put yourself away. There can be several reasons why you spend too much time on the outside world. On the one hand not to be concerned with yourself, this can be confronting for all sorts of reasons. On the other hand, it can also be of the best in yourself, but you may unconsciously push yourself into the background. In the end you get no energy out of it, no inspiring incentives etc. That means that you are doing something that will tire you out or even exhaust you. Below the line it is better for everyone if you are in balance.
If you throw yourself away for once, it is not too bad. However, if you come to the conclusion that it is largely to push yourself back, something else is going on. Beware the place or a time out is then usually the best solution. Where you do not have to hide anything for the outside world, but must honestly state that the balance is out and you are therefore not doing well for yourself. It is certainly possible that people in your area are losing weight for that reason (there is not much to get from you), but that says more about those other people.


People always have motives for doing or not doing something. Asking yourself what your own motivators are is important. An example: for example, you are preparing something for your partner and yourself. Find out for yourself whether the tastiest / most beautiful part always ends up with your partner. That may mean that you want to pee your partner while this is not necessary. You should work randomly and not think about it. This way your partner will get the tastiest / most beautiful piece one time and the other time you. If you consciously use the above process in this way, it is important to find out why you want to pee. Are you compensating, have you ever been put in a corner, were you not allowed to be there or are you afraid that someone will leave you? These are questions that put the mind to work and for this you have to dare to go deep within yourself and these questions are usually about self-esteem or love for yourself.

Move yourself

Then you can also view the process of the other person. Other questions will then arise. An example: think of leaving your family at home for a weekend and you and your friend are going away for a while. You have worked hard so you encourage that friend, because he / she has earned it and possibly needs it. Questions will arise such as:
  • Do I have to do that?
  • Did they save themselves?
  • Can I make it?

As a friend, you will therefore not answer negatively, but why then if you do not ask it from the friend, but from yourself?


It almost goes without saying that the thoughts, to what extent you might harm someone with it, come up. Of course you don't really hurt anyone with it, but sometimes it is a bit less black and white. For example, consider a party that you pass by and do no harm in itself, unless your presence is very important. A family member or friend who you see very little (for example, who lives on the other side of the world) can be very disappointed if you don't come. A wedding where you are one of the few family members of one of the two of the couple who are present. Then quitting is very important for that family member.
But it goes without saying that this is a point where the truth lies in the middle. Running past yourself because others find it so important is not good. To be mere and only concerned with yourself and never taking into account the feelings of others is the other side of the coin.


What may also apply is the extent to which people are needy or greedy. Every person needs touch, security, love and appreciation. When it comes to these things, we are not talking about greedy behavior. That is part of being human. However, whatever it costs to have a Gucci bag, Rolex watch or penthouse on the French Riviera is greed. This is incidentally independent of the fact that you can find something beautiful. To be greedy is to want to have. Subsequently, there is then why it is and what the 'having' brings to man. It is not seldom compensation. People may look up to you with a very expensive watch, because that means having a lot of money, respect. Furthermore, buying something like this often gives a nice feeling of mental saturation for a short time, but is very short-lived.

Sometimes things run differently than planned

As a person, we cannot escape the fact that life sometimes runs differently than our beautiful ideas about life. We try to plan our lives carefully, at least this applies to a large group of humanity, and then things go a little differently than planned. The importance of this plays a role here and is different for everyone. No matter how the human being gives substance to it, it is all matters that matter, whereby one can look at the other person, as long as the self is not compromised. Keeping the balance, that is good for yourself.

Video: SELF CARE LOVE ROUTINE. Mind Body Soul. Renee Amberg (February 2020).

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