Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael may be called upon to bring justice to a situation or to help you achieve your personal goals.

Ask Archangel Michael for help

Michael was created as the first angel and is often regarded as the leader of the angels or "first among equals." he is often depicted with a sword or lance and sometimes with the scales of justice. Michael is the archangel of fire and Sun and helps those who call upon him to achieve goals. Marriage and music are sacred to him.

Angel of justice

If you want to achieve a personal goal, or if you need protection, call on Michael. He is the advocate of justice and is also known as the "gracious Angel." Michael is the fiery archangel and can mean a lot in particular to those born under fire signs: ram, Sagittarius and especially Leo - the sign of Michael. All feline are sacred to him and are protected by his divinity. So call on Michael if your cat needs healing.

Leader of angels and healer

Michael appears in the Bible several times. He was the archangel who appeared before Moses like the fire in the burning bush. Michael saved Daniel from the lion's den and appeared in Revelation as the leader of the heavenly crowd who defeated the devil. It is also the prayer leader in Islam. Some of the places associated with Michael are St. Michale's Mount in Cornwall (GB) and Chiarotopa near Collossae (Turkey) where a healing spring originated. He is honored on 8 May and 8 November.

Working with Archangel Michael

Call upon Archangel Michael

As the angel of Sun, Michael is best invoked on Sunday. It does not matter at what time but preferably outside in the sun.

Golden altar

Especially gold and orange are associated with Michael. Therefore, use candles and clothing in these colors. Wedding rings are considered very sacred by Michael. Use them as an amulet or talisman for his strength. Gold, amber, harbor grounds and topaz are sacred to him. Burn or carry scents such as cinnamon, frankinsence and ginger.

Ask for protection

If you feel unsafe, Michael is the angel to protect you. Light an incense stick early in the morning and incense your angel card from Michael with it. In the meantime, say a prayer and imagine that Michael is folding his wings around you and protecting you against evil.
Repeat this for a week every day, or as long as you think it is necessary. Thread your card with you in your (hand) bag.

Preventing discrimination

Michael ensures balance and justice. He possesses great power to defend those who are condemned. If you suffer from discrimination in terms of gender, race, age or any other form, ask Michael for help. This is something other than protection, because you are now asking Michael to open someone's eyes and let go of their prejudices that cause so many others to suffer.
Pray to Michael and visualize the biased person in one scale of the scales and you in the other and that the scales are in balance.

Ensure success

If you have business plans, need to take an exam or are in a court case, Michaël can help you. Call on him to assist you by empowering a talisman to attract success

Angel amulet

A piece of amber, preferably set in gold, works very well. Rub the amber in the sun at noon with Frankincense and say a prayer. Put the amber in a golden silk bag and carry it with you until you have achieved success.

The prayer to the angel angel Michael

Holy Archangel Michael, defend us in battle
Be our protection against the anger and the deceit of the devil.
We beg humbly that GOD makes him feel his power.
And you, prince of heavenly armies, drive Satan and other evil spirits.
who go around the world to destroy souls,
back to hell by the divine power.

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