Devil: Who exactly is Satan or Lucifer?

There are many different names for the devil in the world. Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, the antichrist, the beast, 666, Mephisto. And we can go on and on. Everyone intuitively knows what is meant. We also hear often enough that we have to watch out for this gentleman. But who or what is the devil really? What do we know about that mysterious figure who is apparently trying to tempt us? And will we hear more from him in the near future?

According to tradition, who is the devil or satan?

Lucifer is evicted from heaven

The story goes that once in heaven there lived a perfect angel, who was called Lucifer. Lucifer was beautiful, smart and perfect. He was radiant with beauty and his body was covered with the most beautiful clothes and jewelry. And he had a good future ahead of him. He was God's favorite and worked in his throne room. They worked closely together and often discussed what had to be done.
But about 6000 years ago a meeting was arranged between God and Jesus, for which Lucifer was not invited. And pride and jealousy consumed him. He tried to convince the other angels that it was a shame and that he was worth much more. One third of the angels agreed with him and joined him. God was still trying to reprove Lucifer, but he definitely refused to admit his wrong. God put him out of heaven together with all the angels who had supported Lucifer in the past.
Satan becomes reality
As soon as Lucifer was banished, his name was from now on Satan. And he and his angels were called demons from that moment. The devil and his teammates live in the world of the spirits and try to influence people from there. They are present on earth but we cannot see them at the moment. Satan knows the weaknesses of people and subtly tries to seduce them. And when you admit to that, he puts all lies in your head that you can justify yourself with. By the way, Satan is not only called Satan, but also Mephistotle or Mephisto, Beelzebub, but of course also just the devil.

The devil at the height of his power at work

And then the devil appears on earth as the Beast

The story goes even further, because Satan's plan is to come and visit us physically on earth. It is predicted that he will do so in a radiant body and that he will present himself as good and divine. From then on he is called the Beast or the antichrist. It warns about the Beast's mistaken trust, which has had the opportunity to think about its nefarious plans for thousands of years and has become enormously powerful in the meantime.
It seems that the Beast (which has 666 as a number) will proclaim a lot of true things but mix it with untruths. The ten commandments will be adjusted and people will be convinced that they are better than they were in the adapted form. It becomes very difficult to recognize the Beast as such.

But in the end the good guys always win

Fortunately, it should all end well and after 3.5 years the devil would be thrown into the bottomless pit for a thousand years. From there, the devil can no longer influence people at all. Then he is let out for a final fight with God, where the devil very appropriately ends up in the fire. For good the universe is now freed from all evil and Satan.

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