Pharrell Williams - The brain behind mega hit Happy

Nobody could have missed it, or you have been lying very deeply under a stone: The song 'Happy' is a mega hit, it was in the Dutch Top-40 for 49 weeks. Pharrell Williams is the man who has this number to his name. What else did he do? Pharrell was born in 1973, on April 5, and is also known as "Skateboard P" and only "Pharrell." His parents are Pharoah Williams and Carolyn Williams. He is a rapper, singer-songwriter, producer, musician and clothing designer. Pharell is married to a model and fashion designer, Helen Lasichanh. They officially married in August 2013, but held the largest wedding on October 12 of that year. Since November 2008 they have a son named Rocket.
In 2005, Williams was nominated by Esquire as 'Best Dressed Man of the World'. He is a Star Trek fan and he likes to skateboard on the half-pipe in his house.


Together with his friend Chad Hugo, he wrote and produced songs for Britney Spears, among others (I'm A Slave 4 U, 2001), Jay-Z (Excuse Me Miss, 2002) and Justin Timberlake (Justified (album), 2002). He also founded a band in 2001 with Shay Haley and the same Chad Hugo, named N.E.R.D. This band scored some hits, including Provider and She Wants To Move, and albums like In Search of ... .


Williams has also been working hard solo. Together with Snoop Dogg he made Beautiful (2003) and Drop It Like It's Hot (2004), with Jay-Z Frontin (2003) and with Madonna Hard Candy (album) and The Beat Goes On (number) a fact. His own album was released in 2006 In My Mind.
In 2010, the music of Despicable Me (Terrible Me) was directed by Pharell Williams, together with Hans Zimmer. He also contributed to the album in 2013 Random Access Memories van Daft Punk, whose number Get Lucky sang. In the same year he worked on the single Blurred Lines from Robin Thicke and he brings his own mega hit Happy from. His album was released in 2014 G I R L and he performed in the Netherlands.
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Because I'm Happy ...
So the number came in 2013 Happy from. According to Pharrell Williams, the success of this hit is purely the succession of various factors, one of which is according to the singer himself the Dutch popularity. The song gained prominence here thanks to "Despicable Me 2 (Despicable Me 2)", in which the song comes prominently to the fore. In addition, it is a song that is very tempting to sing along and dance, making it an increasingly bigger hit. Happy They were in the Dutch Top-40 for 49 weeks, breaking the record of Corrie and de Rekels, who Crying is too late for you 41 weeks in the Top-40 list.

Clothing line

In addition to music, Williams also makes clothing. He came up with the brands Billionaire Boys Club and Ice cream (shoes) and he designed bags, hats, glasses and jewelry for the brand Louis Vuitton. In addition, Pharrell announced a collaboration between the brand in February 2014 G-Star Raw and his textile company Bionic Yarn, which is called 'RAW for the Oceans'. This collaboration brings a collection of denim made from recycled plastic from the ocean.

Video: Pharrell 'humbled' by success of mega-hit 'Happy' (April 2020).

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