Secure chat in chat rooms

There is no certainty in chat rooms. The chat world is a sham reality where anonymity offers less well-meaning types the opportunity to pick up with women or young people, in order to ultimately experience virtual or real sexual adventures. Seasoned chatters know the risks, but beginners and children are easy prey. However, as long as the precautionary measures are taken into account, chatting can be an enrichment.

No personal information in chat rooms

When chatting it is essential that you never disclose personal information such as full name, address, school or employer, and your telephone number to prevent any subsequent threats and stalking. Be cautious when passing on your e-mail address and never use an e-mail address from which your real name can be derived. Beware of the so-called 'chat fishermen', who are out to pick mostly women from chat rooms and 'continue' in a messenger system such as MSN, ICQ, AOL or Yahoo in both a literal and figurative sense. Also watch out for posting photos. Keep in mind that in chat profiles your photo can be viewed by anyone, can be copied and can still appear years later on the strangest sites, even if you have already removed it yourself. It is better not to post photos that you can see yourself.

Careful with the cam!

It is sometimes possible that the person with whom you cam will save your images and save them for whatever reason. So preferably only cam with people you know or have gotten to know well over time. Watch out for people who go at all costs to see you on cam or insist that you turn on your cam. Also avoid people who keep their cam blocked in public chat rooms from others, but open to you. Preferably do not chat with people who, without your insistence, never show on cam while you are wearing your cam. Of course you avoid chat rooms and cams where explicit images on cam are the most natural thing in the world and a meaningful chat is not in line with expectations.

Choose password

Except you pseudonym (nickname) that preferably does not betray anything, does not consist of all capital letters and of course is not offensive, choose a password that is complicated. So never take a (by) name, club name or pet name that is too easy to guess. It is wise to choose a password with numbers or other punctuation marks in between. Never argue with others about your password.

The more leadership in chat rooms the better

The more active moderators knows a chat room, the better the site. Avoid chat sites where there is no fashion rating and everyone can bleat and show what they want. A well-moderated chat room is a place where iniquities are tackled immediately and inappropriate things are hardly ever encountered. In short, a place where the moderators, usually voluntary inspectors, have a good feeling for the right censorship and can remove troublemakers. The moderators actually do all the 'preliminary work' for you, and you have the certainty that you can go somewhere if you are bothered in any way. Always report any complaints to the managers of the chat room, sometimes there is a special abuse department where you can go. What you pass on in that case is: Nickname and possibly. e-mail address of the person who is harassing you, date and time of the incident or incidents, name and web address of the chat room and possibly. a screenshot of the chat session as proof. A chat site where no contact is possible with moderators and there is no button to contact the manager is not a suitable place.

Protect your computer

Be very cautious when opening files that others send you through messenger systems such as MSN because of the possibility of viruses and worms. Watch out for figures who don't want to open their cam, but want to show a picture of themselves that they will 'send' you. Close the chat immediately if this happens to you, if only because the chance that the other person is actually the person in the picture is virtually nil. Preferably never open a file at all, unless you know the person well. Make sure your virus scanner is up-to-date.

Chat etiquette

No caps

Capitalized texts are seen as 'screaming' or aggressiveness in chat and are therefore always inappropriate.

No abundance

'No flooding' actually means that the chat room may not be flooded with repeatedly the same lyrics or emoticons, extremely long lyrics, a repetition of certain sounds, or, for example, loud music. A passing rolling screen of rainbow colors, artificial drawings and loud jingles may give a party atmosphere on chat, in most cases the culprit is removed to prevent others from being chased away. Text lead also means that certain letters are repeated unnecessarily, for example, hallooooooooooo. Blank messages are also undesirable.

What language?

Note the language spoken in the chat room. Do not proceed in foreign languages ​​unless allowed. Most of the time foreign languages ​​are not appreciated because the moderators cannot judge whether there is unauthorized use of language such as aggressive texts. If you enter an English-language chat room, first speak English yourself.

No a / s / l

An inappropriate entry is the age / sex / location, or the A / S / L question, although in some chat rooms a generally accepted phenomenon. Certainly if the sentence only reads: a / s / l without any 'hello' then it is up to the submissive to respond to it. Prefer not to use the abbreviation but ask in a normal sense from which country someone comes, it is even better to first introduce yourself and then ask where the other person comes from. Age questions are usually answered unfairly in the first instance, so they are meaningless to ask. You also have to be careful with gender, but too often people lie about that. In short, the a / s / l question is answered 9 times out of 10 with lies and is therefore rather pointless.

Decency in chat rooms

In that sense, chat is just like in real life. Discriminatory, offensive and violent language is not permitted and things are much harder on chat. Refrain from swearing and foul language. Those left uninhabited come to chat rooms to sow unrest and to overcome their frustrations. It is best not to respond consistently to challenges, to ignore the person and to report this to the chat site managers in case of personal harassment. Never let the chat room be your outlet as compensation for everything that goes wrong in real life, because it colors the chats and lowers the threshold for rude behavior.

No mass calls

In some chat rooms people make massive calls, for example 'Are you a girl? Type 1234 '. Usually this is seen as disruptive and annoying behavior and the harvest will be scarce, after all, who would respond to this now?

Greetings in chat rooms

In large chat rooms with hundreds of people, greeting is not necessary unless you are greeted yourself. In small chat rooms it can be useful, but not if you notice that the room consists only of 'greeting each other' and little else. So pay attention to the atmosphere of a room and adjust a bit. If you don't like the cream, find another one. In some rooms, excessive attention is paid to the phenomenon of 'greetings' and if you do not, you are out of it. So think about how much value you attach to this.

Not clone

Some chatters use multiple nicknames that support and applaud each other. Clients are on the same IP address and are active on the same channel at the same time. Never steal the nickname of another, do not pretend to be a moderator if you are not, and do not take a nickname that refers to another or might be offensive to another. Do not split yourself into multiple figures to 'test' someone's loyalty. Example: You chat with someone and give your conversation partner a chat request via a different nickname to see how he or she responds.

No commercials

Advertising on chat is usually not allowed. Try not to persuade others to visit certain websites and do not lure people to another chat room where it would be more fun. Do not place URLs to better chat sites anywhere. Lurkers are chatters who, among other things, wait for naive people to promise them anything and everything, to earn money. Never click on offered links, and conversely you also come on chat with the right intentions, and not to secretly advertise for anything.

Go private

In some chat rooms it is seen as an invasion of privacy if you speak in an unsolicited manner in IM, PM or p2p (Instant Message, Private message or Person to Person). It will depend a lot on the person if this is appreciated. Remember that women receive a lot of requests to talk privately, so don't be surprised if you don't get an answer, or if you're rejected at that time. In a busy room, asking a certain person if he / she wants to chat privately is completely useless in most cases. Women are often already involved in a conversation and cannot keep up with all the texts that are meant for them.

About meeting

Never meet someone you didn't get to know as much as possible. This means that in addition to a chat contact, you must also have had minimal telephone contact and must have seen each other on the cam. The greater the hurry to meet you, the more suspicious it is. Always use your intuition, meet each other in a public place or another place where there are many people. Always let others know that you are going to meet the person from the internet. For young people it is better to take someone along. If the other person is opposed to this, make sure you get away.

For parents

When your child chats you want to know what he or she is doing. Make sure that the child prefers to only chat with acquaintances and keep an eye on that. Chat logs are automatically saved in MSN so that you can read them back as a parent. If your child's computer is out of sight, take a look regularly. Make your child aware of all the risks mentioned in this article in chat and make sure they are up to date cyberbullying seek help. Some children find it interesting to have a long list of chat friends and add people. Teach the child that they should not do that. Also teach the child that they should never respond to assignments, orders and dubious proposals, such as undressing for the cam, and that if the child happens to do this, he / she should immediately close the chat and block the person for good.
The most important rule is that not everything can be believed in chat rooms and that someone can present themselves completely differently than they are or even be a completely different person. This also means that the biggest advantage of chat, the low threshold to reach conversations with complete strangers, is also the biggest disadvantage.

Commonly used chat abbreviations

  • ty = thank you
  • yw = you're welcome
  • brb = be right back
  • lol = laughing out loud
  • rofl = rolling on floor laughing (+ mao = my ass off)
  • imho = in my humble opinion
  • cu = see you
  • btw = by the way
  • irl = in real life
  • pls = please
  • wb = welcome back
  • fyi = for your information


  • :-) = happy
  • :-( = angry
  • : -0 = shocked
  • : '- (= sad, with tear
  • ;-) = wink
  • :-P = stick out tongue

"The dinosaurs died so that chat rooms may flourish." ~ Tom Robbins


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