Biggest result ever Dutch team: 11-0 (San Marino)

news highlighted The Dutch national football team will make history on 3 September 2011. The long-awaited victory with more than 9 goals difference finally comes. Opponent was San Marino, who was only allowed to hope for a low result in the first half. After 45 minutes it was 'only' 3-0. But it eventually became 11-0.

Long-awaited record

The Dutch national team has often flirted with the 'double digits', but it has never been possible in an official international match. The Netherlands was close to twice, with victories over Norway (9-0) and Finland (9-0). But the magic 10 just didn't work. Until September 2, 2011. Then San Marino was the victim who was sent home with 11 goals difference. A legendary and memorable evening for Dutch football. A milestone that was finally achieved.

The first time 9-0: Finland

The first time the Netherlands came close to 10-0 was almost 100 years ago. On July 4, 1912, Finland was defeated 9-0 in the 33rd official international match of the Netherlands. Jan Vos was the big man with 5 goals. The other goals were scored by Jan van der Sluis (2x) and Huug de Groot (2x). This victory, incidentally, came at a time when the differences between the football countries were even greater and large results were more frequent.

The second time 9-0: Norway

The second time was on November 1, 1972 in Rotterdam. Then Norway was defeated 9-0. The fact that the Netherlands did not reach 10 at the time is entirely due to the first half. After 45 minutes it was only 1-0. The Netherlands broke loose in the second half. Johan Neeskens scored 3 times in this game. Other goals came from Cruijff (2x), Brokamp (2x), Keijzer and De Jong. 13 years earlier, in 1959, Norway was also set aside with large numbers: 7-1

The absolute record: 11-0 against San Marino

As said on September 2, 2011, the Netherlands writes history. San Marino is beaten 11-0. Robin van Persie was the top scorer in this match with 4 goals. Sneijder and Huntelaar each scored twice. The remaining goals were scored by Heitinga, Kuijt and Wijnaldum. It was a special evening for the latter in particular. Wijnaldum only came in in the 86th minute and made his debut in the Dutch national team. In the last minute of the match, he made the 11-0.

Other big results from other countries

Although it is certainly quite unique nowadays to win ten goals or more in an official international match, a number of countries have already led the Netherlands. The absolute outlier is Australia against American Samoa in 2001. There it was no less than 31-0. The highest result ever between two countries that are members of FIFA. However, there were also a large number of 'normal' high results. For example, Germany once won 13-0 at San Marino (2006). The most controversial big result is undoubtedly Spain's 12-1 victory over Malta in 1983. That the men from Malta had been bribed was beyond doubt. After all, the Spaniards had to win 9 goals difference in order to qualify for the 1984 European Championship. This 'purchased' victory, although never officially confirmed, cost the Netherlands a place in the final round of the European Championship. Spain was second in this European Championship behind host country France. That won the final 2-0, partly due to an error by the Spanish goalkeeper Arconada. And so the whole of the Netherlands thought that justice still existed ...

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